• Frank Magliato Provides Clients With a Business Edge

  • Posted on October 24, 2018
  • Many of his clients, present and past, have described Frank Magliato as someone who is uniquely capable of identifying the best possible business opportunities for each client and acting on them at the most opportune time. They claim he is able to see such opportunities from many perspectives, which means he is able to make the most of any situation in favor of his clients. It’s no surprise he can do this; his background includes nearly four decades' experience in public and private equity transactions in such diverse areas as real estate development, retail , telecom, mining and social media.

    Frank Magliato

    With so many types of business experience in his background throughout his long career, Frank Magliato has certainly been sharpening his business acumen in many ways. For quite some time, Frank served as President of Saddle River Associates & Company, which has a reputation as one of the best private equity firms in the world. They specialize in corporate transactions and under his leadership, they completed more than $500 million worth of projects. He led the way on the huge sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to food giant Del Monte, for example, and also a $150 million real estate development project in Panama within a short period of time.

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